Ideas for free Gardening Containers

Dec 14 / Grandad Bill

Grandad Bill likes to grow things to eat but only has a very small area in which to grow them. He shares his tips with us every month.

One way you can save money when gardening is to re-purpose some items that would generally be thrown away, into containers you can grow plants in.

Here are a few simple ones to get you started:
  1. Re-use empty compost bags to grow potatoes
  2. Make a planting bed out of an old pallets
  3. Re-cycle old plant pots rather than throw them away
  4. Wash your plastic yoghurt pots, they make fabulous containers
  5. Even an old egg carton can get you started
  6. The plastic pots supermarkets pack items like Mushrooms in
  7. The cardboard centres of Toilet Rolls make excellent planting containers for seeds

Remember to make holes in the bottom if they don't already have them, to allow water to drain.  See Wendy's video blog for how to do this.

How many other ideas can you think of?
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