Glorious Garden Zen 8 minute meditation

Feb 2 / Kadamey

Our 8 minute mind magic movies allow you to de-stress fast.  Using Brain Entrainment, these movies can put the brain into a meditative state in minutes.  Simply listen with headphones.  You can listen anywhere, except whilst driving and is a great way to chill out in a ten minute break.  There is science behind these tones (played under the music you physically hear).  Keep scrolling for your free video
Studies suggest this form of brain entrainment can ease pain, improve focus, reduce anxiety and stress and more.

What happens if I listen without headphones?

You will still notice a result, this is because we use a mix of tones (both Binaural AND Isochronic) in our music, ensuring that if you don't have headphones with you, you will still gain a benefit, however, headphones will enhance your result.

Brain entrainment works by playing these underlying tones, which the brain picks up subconsciously, until eventually the brain wave pattern will fall into line with the underlying tone pattern.  We change up the wave patterns in our movies, from alpha, through delta and theta, ensuring you achieve different brain wave states.

A collection of studies showed 20 minutes of brain entrainment twice per week reduced perception of pain severity and a single 5 minute session reduced anxiety and improved wellbeing.*

These studies showed an improvement in focus across all particpant groups, children to adults, as well as improving memory and attention span and reducing anxiety.

Fora plethora of 8 minute mind magic movies, CLICK HERE and subscribe, you can then choose from a wide range of movies and listen as often as you wish.  And of course, we include a Mind Magic Movie each month with your content (for Early Years providers AND parents) to enhance your staff's stress management.  As they last only 8 minutes they are perfect for lunch breaks.

In broad terms, Binaural Beats work best with headphones, whilst the effects of Isochronic tones can be seen on MRIs of the brain without headphones.  We include both but still recommend headphones if you have them with you, for the best result.

They are literally a little holiday for your brain!  You can try out a Mind Magic Movie below, come with us into Glorious Garden Zen, click below to start your movie and remember to watch at the same time (full screen if you can).
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