Why SWAN is important in your Garden

Jan 12 / Grandad Bill

You may be wondering what a beautiful Swan has to do with gardening? Let me explain. Everything that lives and breathes (including you and I), needs the same four things. I call this SWAN.

"S" stands for SUN. The Sun gives us warmth and light which is important to help us and plants grow. However, like us, some plants can get too much Sun and become sunburnt.
"W" = WATER keeps everything hydrated and just like people, plants need water too. Some need more water than others.

"A" = AIR yes, even plants need Air. When we breathe in, we breath in life giving Oxygen, when we breathe out we breathe out wastes like carbon. Plants and trees though, take in carbons and breathe out life giving oxygen. This is just one of the reasons plants and trees are so important to us and our planet,

"N"= NUTRIENTS keep us fit and healthy and like us, plants need these too.

This is a great acronymn to use with Children, so give it a try.
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