What if...

there is an early years programme that:
  • reduces stress and anxiety of both you and the children through our unique "care zones"?
  • could EARN you additional revenue each month?
  • saves you time on planning with our digital Timetable that ensures you can implement the programme from day 1
  • connects the children to Nature through our unique garden based activities? 
    could EARN you additional revenue each month?
  • is the brainchild of an Award Winning former Nursery Owner!

That programme is here

Unique and simple to implement

Helping YOU stand out through small incremental changes that build to make a big difference.  Delivered monthly online

Improves Mental Health

Kadamey "care zones" are simple sensory tools that positively influence staff & kids psychological wellbeing

Saves you time

Our "done for you" Timetable allows you to implement the programme without upfront training & saves you planning time, yet still allows you to tailor it

Unique Gardening Concept

Simple planting ideas & garden planning to full self-sufficiency, with Planting Guides & "How to" videos included

Parent Involvement

Supports parents to reinforce learning & development at home and offers opportunities for additional revenue for you

just a few of the ways kadamey can improve your financial and operational stressors

Activity Planning & Compliance forms included

Save time on Activity Planning with our digital Timetable (updated monthly) which ensures you can implement Kadamey without training plus OFSTED compliance forms (as many of these are included for you).  This drastically reduces the time you currently spend on these.  We also include "join in" monthly LIVE or recorded video sessions. 

Reduce wastage 

Reduce wastage costs for resources AND be more enviromentally friendly.  Plus our programme NATURALLY reduces children's stress, resulting in a calmer, happier work environment for you and your staff PLUS additional stress relievers for staff built in too

FREE training and development included

Immediately reduce your training and development costs, as our programme includes lots of training for FREE!
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what is the kadamey experience?

Kadamey is a bit of modern-day magic from the moment the children walk through your doors.  A totally connected programme that simply, yet skillfully combines all the right pieces for immersing kids in a world of natural sensory learning. Kadamey flows seamlessly from the outdoors - in.

It works stand-alone but can also work alongside existing programmes you may be enrolled in such as Montessori, Forest School etc.

Every month you receive:

  • Your done for you digital Timetable - simply add activities from the lists that support your Children's development stage and watch it auto-fill
  • Over 60 pages of Ideas, Activities, Gardening advice & Compliance Forms
  • "How to" videos and LIVE "join in with us" training & activities
  • Monthly CORE Foundation training for you
  • Introduce your parents to Kadamey for Parents and earn recurring revenue each month AND tick your OFSTED "Parent Participation" box
  • Stress reducers for you and the Children built-in
  • Access to our online community to network, share best practice, hints, tips and advice with other Providers
  • AND your first month is TOTALLY FREE!

PLUS you will be listed on our "Kadamey Providers" map so Parents can find you
Reduce your planning time with 50 pages plus of ideas

Who are we? Meet our core team

Angela Andrea
Programme Founder & Marketing Guru
Award Winning Nursery Group Owner of 25 years  until their sale in 2018. 30 years of Industry experience, she is a Nursery Consultant & Parenting expert, named one of NMT Magazine's top 10 most influential in Childcare 2017 & Parenting Expert of The Year 2019.
Tina Hammett (HCoE dip)
IT, Processes & Media Production
Over 35 years of IT & business experience, Tina has had a wide ranging career. She began NLP & Hypnotherapy training at University of East Anglia & now holds equivalent of degree in Psychology. She looks after our IT systems, websites, graphics & media production. 
Wendy Gordon
Gardening Expert

Having studied for a degree in Environmental Studies, she obtained a PGCE in Outdoor Education & Geography before teaching in a secondary school in Bolton.  Wendy then went back to her studies, obtaining an RHS qualification at Writtle University College. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, simply adjust your subcription level through your membership area.  We will be sad to see you go and you will no longer be able to use any of our materials from the point you cancel.

Do you use worksheets?

No! We use information prompts and visual aids as a source of inspiration. When something does require paper it is important that the children see their carer write or draw first as it helps the child's brain learn "how to do it"

Is the Kadamey programme OFSTED compliant?

In short yes and we do produce some "compliance" documentation however, it is always the responsibility of individual providers to demonstrate this in their setting in accordance with the amount of the programme they implement

What if I only implement some of the programme?

Kadamey is designed to be a "whole care" programme and each part naturally enhances the others, so for maximum benefit the programme should ideally be implemented in it's entirety.   However, every little bit you can implement will help!  Obviously individual results will therefore vary.

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