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Kadamey for Parents & Grandparents

Join in the Kadamey experience at home (see below for important information on how this subscription is delivered)  and remember you will NOT be charged for your first 30 days of membership,
Please note you are agreeing to all our TERMS & CONDITIONS when you subscribe.  Refunds are not available as this is a digital resource (this does not affect your statutory rights). If you wish to cancel at any point, just log in to your account do so.

Important info & offer conditions:

This offer is per household only.  Each individual household must have their own subscription

Monthly Content:

Each new months content is available from the 1st of a month for the following month. ie if you join on 23rd November you will have access to December content until 1st December when it is REPLACED by January content.

Monthly content has an end date:

Monthly content is available for a full calendar month, at the end of which is self-destructs and is replaced by next months content.  This ensures you are always using the latest content

If you cancel:

You will have access until your last paid for subscription payment period ends. After that you will not have access to content or be entitled to use the programme. As this is a digital resource, you cannot request a refund once payment has been made, this does not affect your statutory rights

If you rejoin

Please note you will rejoin at the subcription rate in force at the time you re-join which may be more than the previous rate.
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