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Did you know that you can be almost half way through your second trimester before you feel movement? Or we don't count the kicks anymore?  Let's talk about what to expect in the 2nd trimester.

A lot has changed in recent years when it comes to monitoring baby's movements during pregnancy but one thing is constant, movements matter.

​It is important to remember not to compare your pregnancy experience and movements to anyone else, you and your baby are unique.


If it is your first pregnancy you may have to wait until 15-17 weeks to feel those first movements and sometimes up to 20 weeks. It is not uncommon to go for your 20 week scan needing reassurance because you have not felt movement yet.  If it is not your first pregnancy, it is likely you will feel first movements earlier, but again, each pregnancy is unique.

Feeling movements help us to feel reassured everything is progressing positively and our motto here at RITW is positivity is power, so we are positive unless we are told otherwise. However, it does help our mindset if we feel connected to our baby in some way and so until you can feel those physical movements we have created a journal page  (it's free, simply add your email below to access) you can record any details about your pregnancy, baby or experiences. Print as many as you need for the coming weeks.

As your baby's movements build over the last few weeks of the trimester you will start to notice a discernible routine, a pattern of movement and rest.

By around 26 weeks, the end of this trimester, your baby's routine in the womb will be familiar to you and help you feel confident that everything is progressing positively. Some important things to remember:

  • your baby's routine is unique so don't compare to others

  • the pattern of movement and rest will likely be linked to your own daily routine

  • if your routine suddenly changes, your baby might react and change their routine too

  • subtle changes in the routine is usual, if there is a sudden change for no reason, you feel no movements (when you know you should) or excessive movements - check in with your midwifery team.

  • Use your baby's Routine in the Womb to bond and have fun, the next trimester is where the fun starts!

Don't forget to continue to monitor your stress and ensure a good night's sleep too.

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