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babyopathy founder Angela Andrea
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because you deserve a deep and powerful bond with your unborn baby through my modern day motherhood magic

I am Angela J Andrea, Platinum Awards "Parenting Expert of the Year 2019".  Babyopathy encompasses all things Pregnancy and Birth from Modern Day Motherhood Magic, for a better Pregnancy and Birth Experience to Routine in The Womb and Oils, Music, lots of free hints, tips, music and more.  

Kind words from Celebs & Influencers

babyopathy pregnant woman
"I can tell you what a difference these oils made!"

Hayley Tamaddon

(Actress - Coronation Street & Emmerdale)

let's start with a little magic....

Like the celebs and influencers I work with, you will absolutely want to check out my fabulous Pregnancy Journal and Aromatherapy Oils

Pregnancy Journal by babyopathy

Modern Day Motherhood Magic Pregnancy Journal

A week by week pregnancy journal like no other, to form a deep bond with your unborn baby. 

Aromatherapy oils by babyopathy

Aromatherapy Oils

Specially blended for every stage of your pregnancy and birth

Even more magic....

My free Spotify playlist tones for use with Babyopathy's Modern Day Motherhood Magic "Baby Pause", your Labour day and more....

More kind words from Celebs & Influencers

babyopathy reviews pregnant woman
"This oil is thing I had during my labour, would recommend to every pregnant mama"


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