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Routine in the womb pregnant woman


Routine in The Womb raises awareness of the increased risks to the wellbeing of your pregnancy and unborn baby from maternal stress, for a better pregnancy & birth. Get started with the tips and tools below

Why is Routine in Womb important?

Routine in the Womb (or RITW for short) is an awareness campaign by me, award winning early years and parenting consultant, Angela J Andrea.  Specifically targeting the risks and potential affects from maternal stress during pregnancy on both pregnancy wellbeing and the unborn baby's mental health wellbeing and development.

RITW empowers mums-to-be to be aware of their baby's pattern of movement and rest or their 'routine in the womb' that develops around 24-26 weeks , to be assured the pregnancy is progressing positively.  I launched RITW in 2017 because no one was telling Mums-to-be about the risks associated with stress during pregnancy, little has changed in mums-to-be routine appointments 6 years later. 


It's time to stop this awful trend.  It's time to help Mums-to-be be empowered to enjoy a BETTER pregnancy, birth and mental health journey.

founder of Routine in the Womb Angela Andrea
Pregnancy Journal by Babyopathy

Record your Routine in The Womb in my new pregancy journal!  Plus, discover many ways to reduce the impact of stress in your pregnancy.  Because you deserve it

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