What is Routine in the Womb?

Routine in the Womb workshops empower mums-to-be with managing the modern day menance of stress during pregnancy, reducing it's impacts and the risks associated with it including; Miscarriage, Premature Birth, Emergency Birth, Stillbirth, Neonatal death and lifelong mental health concerns in babies and children (including anxiety, ADHD, Aspergers, Schizophrenia and more). We are not scaremongering, sadly it is scientifically proven now.  

Through offering our pioneering classes, you are building a relationship with your target market before baby is even born.  This is every Nursery Owners dream!  We include the license for the classes in our top level membership.
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what you get

Included in our Nursery tier membership is a NEW way to engage with your target market (mums-to-be) as soon as they know they are pregnant:

License for FREE

The license to run our innovative Routine In The Womb programme is included in our Nursery tier membership - run as many workshops as you can fill

Workshop material provided

For a 2 hour workshop we provide you with the Powerpoint presentation, Meditation scripts & Music, some marketing materials and downloadable PDF handouts. PLUS earn commissions on Essential Oil Blends and Books.

A new way to access mums to be

We give you a new, unique way to engage with your target market (mums-to-be) at the earliest possible stage of pregnancy, getting them through your Nursery Doors at this invaluable early stage to see your facilities.  All the while, offering invaluable information to them.
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Our vision

to empower every mum-to-be with the scientific knowledge currently missing from prenatal care, to reduce the risks associated with maternal stress during pregnancy

Our message is:  Do the  PregnancyTest, Do the Routine In the Womb Workshop
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